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Services & Fees

Serving Individuals, Estates & Trusts

  • Individual tax planning and tax return preparation, including income taxes or state specific taxes
  • Representation before the taxing authorities
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate tax planning
  • Working with other professional advisors, especially the client's attorney, to devise the optimal plan that meets the personal and financial needs of the client.
  • Preparation of Estate and Trust Income Tax Returns and Federal and State Estate and Gift Tax Returns.
  • Coordinating the tax and financial activities of the individual and his or her business.
  • Estate Planning for US person owning Canadian property and Canadian person owning US property.

Serving the Growing Business

Serving the growing business is at the heart of the firm. For many, if not most business clients, Brad functions as a trusted business advisor and counselor which is part of being the company's CPA. Typical services for the growing business are:

  • Compilation of financial statements (The firm is not an audit firm)
  • Tax planning, tax return preparation, representation before the taxing authorities.
  • Planning for major transactions, including lease/purchase decisions, business formation, executive compensation, retirement planning, profit planning, sale of a business.
  • Selection, planning and installation of accounting systems.
  • State and Local Tax issues
  • Tax issues facing the business owners and manager.

Serving Canada-United States Commerce

  • Business, Tax and Accounting issues facing the United States business expanding into Canada
  • Individual tax issues facing the Canadian moving into the United States or leaving the United States including residence determination, United States dual status issues, and RRSP planning & compliance. Click here to learn more about moving to the US from Canada.
  • Individual tax issues facing the American moving into  Canada or leaving Canada. Canadian tax planning for the American citizen living in Canada is different than the common planning for a Canadian resident who is not also an American.
  • Ownership of Canadian rental property by Americans who are non-residents of Canada, including GST issues.
  • Preparation of Canadian income tax returns, or working collaboratively with the clients Canadian advisors.


Fees are a fact of any professional relationship.  It is important that the client receive value for the services rendered by the firm, and it is important that the firm be fairly compensated for its efforts.  Fees are based on the time invested on the engagement and expenses incurred, both adjusted for the value of the services performed. Where appropriate, a negotiated fixed fee may apply.

  • Fees for tax return preparation, financial statement preparation and other project based work is due at the completion of the project.  Other fees will be billed monthly.

  • Estimated fees for delinquent income tax returns and related Internal Revenue Service representation are due before work commences.

  • Fees over thirty days past due will incur a late charge of 1-1/2% per month.

  • The firm may, in its sole judgment, cease work on an engagement where delinquent fees are outstanding.