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Office Security

Due to the nature of the work of a CPA, client financial information is stored in the office. In this age of identity theft, it is important that proper security is maintained over this information. Bradley Kirschner PC maintains the following policies and practices over client information: 

The office is located in a commercial building. Only employees, building property manager, and custodial staff have access to the keys to the office. The property manager’s key is stored in a secure place.  

Client files, both paper and electronic, are kept in a locked file cabinet within the office. Only employees have access to the key to the file cabinet. The custodial staff does not have access to the room housing electronic files. 

All electronic client files are maintained on a centralized file server that is secured in the file room. No client files are maintained on individual computers. The file server is backed up daily to external media that is stored off site.  Files are not backed up using the internet. All client information is encrypted. 

Access to the internet is through a firewall to minimize unauthorized external access to electronic files. Access to the file server and all computers are password protected.

Retention Policy

The Firm generally retains for seven years, in paper or electronic form, the final work product generated for its clients. After the retention period, the documents are destroyed. Click here for the Firm’s complete document retention and destruction policy.