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About the Firm

The firm is a “limited service” firm in that it does not provide financial statement review or audit services.  It is heavily tax oriented, recognizing that every business decision is a tax decision–with the decision being made by the taxpayer, or by the taxing authorities where the taxpayer fails to make the decision. 

Bradley Kirschner PC is a value driven firm.  The firm ensures that the client receive value from the services provided, and that the firm not only finds the work financially rewarding, but also personally, professionally and intellectually challenging.  This goal is sometimes challenging, yet achievable, when some of the work is legally mandated routine tax compliance work. 

Mission & Values

Our goal is to build and retain strong professional relationships with new and existing clients to ensure quality and satisfaction through the services we provide throughout the year. The firm values its clients and strives to create an ongoing relationship beyond the current year.

 Relationships don’t just happen–they are built.  It is important for both the professional and the potential client to assess the basis for an ongoing relationship.  Therefore the first one-half hour with a potential client is without charge.

To insure the quality of my services, every three years samples of my professional work are reviewed by another CPA, a process called Peer Review.  Click here