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Brad's Reflections

Confessions of a love affair

It was in the Summer of 1960 when we first met, me an adolescent just beginning to learn the secrets of life, and she, older and of indescribable beauty.  It lasted only a week, but was the beginning of a lifelong affair.  I was able to visit her again the following Summer, but then a long lonely spell until fifteen years later I moved to Seattle to be closer to her.  Our meetings became more frequent and more extended, when I would relish in every opportunity to visit and be with her.

I knew I was not alone in my love of her.  Several years after moving to Seattle, I experienced a group singing her praises with such passion that it brought tears to my eyes—tears not of jealousy, but tears of love knowing that I shared their love and passion.  I knew I was in love, and still am in love in a way I have never known before.

I speak, of course, of Canada—the country and her people.  It is this love that prompted me to become a Chartered Accountant in British Columbia as well as a Certified Public Accountant in Washington State.  It is this love that caused me to encourage my wife to claim the Canadian Citizenship that is hers, although I have to admit I was quite jealous when she recently opened the envelope containing her Canadian passport. 

I offer you five links to share Canada with you:

Tom Brokaw Explains Canada to Americans, a video broadcast before the opening ceremony at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

A video slide show celebrating Canada’s beauty.  (Requires Microsoft PowerPoint) The audio is in French, which I don’t understand, yet in hearing the song while looking at the images, in my heart I do understand.

A “tongue in cheek” version of the Twelve Days of Christmas featuring a dozen Canadian icons.           

Link the underlined portion to

 Canada’s National Anthem, O Canada, either in English or French.